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Our Products

The Dutch Tulip

A compact herbal vaporizer that will change how you use your herbal blends, whether you are at home or on the go.


Slim Kit

The Slim Kit consists of a Slim Battery, a T-one tank and a micro USB cable. Despite its modest dimensions the Slim Kit has a 280 mAh capacity. The attached  T-one tank has a fluid capacity of 0.7ml and is fitted with the latest 1.5 Ohm ceramic coil for a more efficient evaporation of your CBD oil. It operates fully automatically. When you inhale the coil heats up and the indication light at the bottom tip lights up. When you stop, the light goes off and the battery switches off again. The tank is easy to fill and leak free.

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A Brand New Tank

Whether you prefer dry herbs or want to switch to concentrates, the Smart Tank can be used for both wax and dry herbs. With its 510 thread it is compatible with every vaporizer.

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Slim Battery

Despite its modest dimensions the Slim Battery has a 280mAh capacity. It is fitted with a new chip set with increased power capabilities to drive a 1.5 Ohm ceramic coil in the latest T-one tank. It operates fully automatically. When you inhale, the coil heats up and the indicator at the bottom lights up. When you stop, the device goes off by itself.

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T-one, Mix and Match

The T-one tank is the smallest tank of the family. You can vape CBD in style with its colorful design. It holds 0.7 ml of CBD oil and screws onto the Slim Battery with its 510 thread connection. It is available in two options. With a new 1.5 Ohm ceramic coil or with a conventional 1.8 Ohm ceramic coil. The advantage of the new 1.5 Ohm coil version is the increased power output which gives a more efficient evaporation of your oil for a more satisfying vaping experience. Mix and match with any color Slim Battery you like.

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About us

Who we are

Fancy Vape is a new business unit that originated from within the KangerTech company. Dutch design combined with KangerTech’s manufacturing power is brought to life by an international team of professionals who all share the same vision to develop solutions to relish aromatherapy blends using vaporizers.

Our Vision

We at Fancy Vape have a vision of a world in which vaping is the better alternative to smoking. We see a world in which aromatherapy through vaping is accepted and embraced as the preferred method to enjoy the goodness that mother nature has stored in its plants for us. We see a world in which people are living healthier lives by no longer having to smoke in order to enjoy aromatherapy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide solutions for people to enjoy aromatherapy on the go with portable vaporizers. Through research and innovation we are determined to offer the best devices of the highest quality packed in a stylish design. To achieve this we will continue to create and release Fancy Vape products together with Kangertech a well-established brand in this industry.



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